Be Good To Your Woman

What Does It Mean To Be Good To Your Woman?

Built a video streaming platform for a fundraiser to raise women awareness and appreciation.

  • Company
    Warner Music Group
  • Location
    Toronto, Canada
  • Industry
  • Size
    4,000+ employees
  • Project Type
    Video Streaming Platform
Helping Spread Women Awareness Through Music

Julian Taylor Band musicians with loyal fans and good music, decided to use their concert as a tool to spread the word of what it means "To Be Good To Your Woman". Using their stage at concerts as a platform to spread this awesome movement.

Promotional graphic for 'Be Good To Your Woman' music campaign
A Streaming Application to Help Spread The Word

The band was looking for a creative way to spread the movement. They decided they wanted to create an application where fans at their concert can uplaod a video describing what It means to be good to your woman. So we decided to build them a video sharing application. Making sure the application could handle the audience uplaoding content all around the same time period.

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