Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority

For Taxi Drivers At Ohaire Airport

Developed a pre-launch landing page for the City of Chicago's kiosk applications Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority for taxi drivers.

  • Municipality
    City of Chicago
  • Location
    Chicago, IL
  • Project Type
    Landing Page Website

Digital Solution For Taxi Drivers at Ohaire Aiport

Chicago's Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (MPEA) places a tax on taxi drivers that do business at the busy airport O'hare. MPEA's tax was accounted for in the past by using tickets that the user would buy in person. Manual ticketing processes are easy to scheme and hard to account for the transaction amount.

An Easy To Use Landing Page For Taxi Drivers to Learn More

MPEA decided to change the experience for their taxi drivers by starting to build out digital kiosks and a mobile app for purchasing "digital" tickets. The digital tickets could be scanned by their QR code and tracked in a database for better accounting. While this digital ticketing system was in active development, they needed to build a landing page to inform the other taxi drivers about this kiosk that would soon be released. We decided to help them build an informational landing page while they were distracted with making their new application.

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