Vito's Pizzeria

Streamlining Pizza Delivery

Vito's Pizzeria has developed a cutting-edge pizza delivery application to elevate the customer experience and deliver on their brand promise of local, fresh, and unique offerings.

  • Company
    Vito's Pizzeria
  • Location
    Multiple Locations in Ohio
  • Industry
    Pizza Restaurant
  • Size
    51-200 employees
  • Project Type
    Delivery Application
  • Website URL
Serving Pizza for over 16+ years

Vito's Pizzeria is a local owned pizza shop, that has been in business since 1989. Vito's pizza has mastered a robust sauce and classic crust by making them homemade with quality ingredients. With over sixteen locations throughout Ohio, it was time to improve their loyal customer's experience digitally.

Improving the Customer Experience One Slice At A Time

Vito's already mastered customer satisfaction throughtout their years of being in the industry. Being an old school pizza shop the next move to keep their customer's even happier was by going digital. Vito's decided they wanted to make a pizza delivery application that allowed to have the best customer / user experience possible. That is when they decided making an delivery application that was both mobile and desktop friendly was their next best move in the business.

Here is some of the key features that we built for their delivery application:

  • Ingredient adjustment
  • Online payment
  • Order tracking
  • Locating nearby restaurants via Geolocation
  • Loyalty programs (Rewards)
  • Order details & history
  • Account history
  • Integrated content management system
  • Order management
  • Payments
  • Delivery time estimation
  • Reports & analytics

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